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Dec 12, 2012 09:21 AM

pork loin stuffed with venison sausage?

Thinking of making a pork loin for a dinner party. I also have some uncooked english banger style venison sausages in my freezer. I am wondering if I can marry the two and then wrap the whole thing in pancetta?

I am thinking of using this recipe as a base but add the sausage stuffing in:

I think the spices I will use are rosemary and sage and garlic. I would love to have a fruit in the stuffing, but not sure what to use that works with both venison and pork. The venison sausages are not gamey at all in fact they are mixed with pork already, they are moderately spiced though with a banger spice mix (couldn't get verification on what is in this). Mace, ginger and sage seem to be the standard with recipes on line. I could see that being what is in these (or rather taste it).

am I trying to add too many competing flavours?

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  1. I would think some prunes or dried cherries would go wonderfully with those ingredients. Sauteed apples would be nice as well, or you could just roast some peeled apple halves along with the pork and let them soak up the drippings.

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    1. I agree with cherries or apples but would also add apricots to the list. Apricots go wonderfully with the spices you list.

      1. I think that sauteed Apples would work beautifully, they are traditional accompaniments for both meats.