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Dec 12, 2012 09:03 AM

Who is making good Greek-style pizza in Boston or burbs?

With soooo many "House of x pizza" places in and around Boston, there has got to be one that breaks the mold and makes an exemplary version of this style of pie. What are some favorites?

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  1. Isn't "Greek-Style" Pizza and good Pizza an oxymoron? I certainly wouldn't want to start a war with any Chicago or mid-western transplants but I even consider Chicago Deep Dish Pizza not to be "real" pizza but that's just semantics; if you want to call it a pizza, I'm good with that.

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    1. re: bakerboyz

      I'm not from Chicago but I would kill for good deep dish pizza place around here.

      I've got to agree that all Greek pizza is pretty much the same to me. Which is just okay in a pinch.

      1. re: Gabatta

        I've got nothing against Chicago-style pizza, but Greek-style? Not worth eating, even in a pinch.

        1. re: Allstonian

          You're right. When I was younger a pinch would be late night when I was drunk and Despinas was around the corner. Now I just pass out early.

      2. re: bakerboyz

        Chicago Deep Dish is absolutely a style of pizza -- a deep crust and thick layer of toppings doesn't somehow transform it into a casserole or hotdish -- but Chicago-style pizza and the Greek-style 'fried-crust' pizzas you'll find around Boston are vastly different styles of pizza as well.

        The pizzas from City Slicker in Somerville are definitely in the Greek vein, but are much better than others I've had around here.

        1. re: Boston_Otter

          I'd suggest City Slicker's pizza seems closest to "Old Forge style," which has been highlighted rather well in this year's "Modernist Cuisine at Home."

          (though I also don't disagree particularly with your estimation of CS in the Greek vein. I guess I think it's kinda... both.)

        2. re: bakerboyz

          I totally agree. Greek Pizza is not good pizza. Though there is good (non greek style) pizza made by greeks at Capri in Arlington. I posted about it recently.

        3. Sadly I don't have any suggestions, but would love it if someone could explain the differences between Greek pizza and bar pizza. It seems to me they are both cooked in pans with a slightly thick crust and lots of cheese. Any help understanding the difference?

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          1. re: bear

            Bar pies have a very thin crust without fancy ingredients - a working man's pie. Think canned mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, onions (diced if at Monte's in Lynn). They are served in bars or taverns and are thin so that they help you keep drinking, but don't get you too full to interfere with your beer consumption. On the South Shore the sauce tends to be sweet.

            Greek pizza is thick, baked in an oiled pan where the dough rises first. The closest chain equivalent is Pizza Hut. When done well, the crust is thick, crisp, flaky, with an oil fried bottom. The sauce is cooked and seasoned with plenty of oregano. The cheese comes in a thick blanket on top and is generally a mix of mozz and cheddar.

            1. re: MESsmate

              Thanks so much. That's very helpful. I guess bar pies do have a thinner crust. My favorite bar pie is from Cape Cod Cafe on the South Shore. I am also a fan of Za in Arlington.

          2. Not that close to Boston but Nicks House of Pizza in Mattpoisett does an exemplary version. The crust is just right and not bready or doughy. I recommend linquica and garlic as your toppings.

            1. and oddly enough i just remembered that Nicks Pizza in Medford by tufts does a respectable version.

              1. My 2 favorites are 4 Corners in Newton and B&F in Waltham. No need to get all high brow about pizza.....if it tastes good, I'm there! Love thin, charred crusts, as well as the Greek style if done well.