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Dec 12, 2012 08:56 AM

R.I.P. Mike from Mike's Pastry

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    1. re: hungrytommy

      What's sad?! He lived to the ripe old age of 90 and was fabulously successful (And selling 1000s of lousy pre-made cannolis for the past 20+ years or so. I remember when they were filled to order...).

      We should all have such sad stories to tell when our time is up.

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        Wow that's a little harsh. Forgive me if I think that it is sad when someone dies. And so kind of you to criticize the dead.

        1. re: hungrytommy

          Yeah, it does read a little harsh I guess. But I certainly wasn't criticizing "the dead". I never knew the man. I was being critical of the factory-like products, which admittedly were born of huge success. I recall a time when it wasn't so, when the pastries at Mike's actually tasted hand made of quality ingredients in the Modern Pastry vein. But you need to look back 20, maybe 30 years for that.

          I should have said RIP and my condolences to the family (and I hope I die as a fabulously wealthy 90 year old)

          Better? :-)

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Fair enough. I admit I don't care for most of what they sell at Mike's. However, it is impressive that there aren't fifty Mike's across Boston or all around the country. It may have gone down hill as the man entered his sixties and seventies, but I'm sure many offers to completely sell out were passed up. I wonder what will happen now. I'm sure you could make a buck slapping Mike's name on anything. Like Locke Ober, it might not be what it once was but it's part of our shared history and even more so with the Man than the place, I'm sad to say good-bye.

    2. Thanks for posting this Linda.
      We are on our way to Boston today and were planning on stopping for cannoli before the drive north. This clinches that decision, and we will toast the man who brought so much sweetness to tourists and locals alike.
      I actually like the cannoli here! But then, I'm a silly tourist.

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      1. re: rabaja

        Go for the tribute. It's a nice sentiment.

        But you'd have to look hard to find a worse cannoli in the NE.

        And it's not like I'm the only or first to say it....

        1. re: LindaWhit

          I go to both Mike's and modern. I think mikes is as good as ever. I applaud the owner for being in business so long. Rest in peace.

          1. re: libertywharf

            I'm sad to hear about his passing. Every time I have gone even if they are busy there has been no problem in getting a "plain" Cannoli filled to order, it's just the touristy versions in the case that sit all day :)

            1. re: lc02139

              Thanks for the tip, next time I'll ask to fill one. But the one's for the tourists are pretty good too.

              1. re: libertywharf

                I like Mike's pastries a lot, and I find the staff much friendlier than Moderns. Whenever I've gotten a cannoli, without my asking, it's always filled fresh.

        2. Thx for posting this.

          RIP Mike.