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Dec 12, 2012 08:49 AM

Dinner with visiting friends Friday

I have an old friend from the Midwest visiting the city this weekend, and we are looking for a dinner option. Looking to eat around 7:45pm so we can make 9:30pm jazz @ Dizzy's. Would want to be on the west side if not in midtown, but midtown east is fine as well. Good beer/cocktails are more important than wine list. We will have a 3rd friend joining us as well.

Generally looking for a midpriced casual option. I was thinking Colicchio's Tap Room, but no reservations are available. Bar Room @ Modern is likewise booked. Craftbar is open and would be an option, but I just ate there. David Burke Kitchen is kind of far (I've booked it as a backup). Likewise was just at Ma Peche, although the other Momofoku locations might be an option. Gramercy Tavern is booked as well. Any other options along those lines that you would recommend? Again, I know Per Se is right there, but not looking to do the Michelin thing, more casual craft beer, meat and spreads.

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  1. At Bar Boulud, seats at the bar and communal table usually open up between 7:30 and 7:45 as patrons leave for Lincoln Center performances. It's a good place for drinks, meat and spreads.

    1. The UWS is a really tough neighborhood to find excellent cocktails.

      Lacrosse_Gastronomic's suggestion of Bar Boulud is excellent. Because it is more of a pre-theatre destination, you shouldn't have trouble getting a table around 7:45pm. I see an 8pm for 2 on Friday on OpenTable right now. The cocktails are surprisingly decent for a restaurant (so many places screw this up).

      I also love their charcuterie, and the seasonal specials are usually pretty good as well.