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Dec 12, 2012 08:37 AM

Augusta to Bangor to Machias via Airline?

Any places we shouldn't miss? Mostly interested in quick stops for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Thanks!

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  1. the Airline is pretty desolate, but the Airline Snack Bar, which is about 40 miles east of Bangor near the intersection of route 193, has really good donuts and baked goods!

    1. My info may be outdated, but the Airline Snack Bar went away some years ago. Has it been resurrected? Used to be a pretty good breakfast/quick bite place.
      The Airline runs from Bangor to Calais inland; to get to Machias, you'll have to take a road that cuts from the Airline over towards the coast.
      Your best bet is to eat in Bangor or Machias and have snacks on hand. The Eagle's Nest on Rte 9 in Brewer has a good local reputation. Pies and baked goods are good, although it's the wrong season for strawberry pie with whipped cream!

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        Nope--I had a donut at the Airline Snack Bar last month--I googled to double check that I was referring to the right

        I think you're thinking of what I believe was called the Cloud 9 Snack Bar, a bit further up the road, which is now abandoned--

        1. re: sultanaboudreau

          Nope. I was thinking of the old Airline Snack Bar, run by Lois Tenan and her family. I'm glad to see that it's back in a new incarnation.

        2. re: mollydingle

          Thanks, i always pack the car with snacks so that's never a problem:). Just thought I'd see if there was any interesting places I shouldn't drive by. Thanks for the 2 recommendations. And yes, I think we cut over on 192.