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Dec 12, 2012 08:27 AM

Coming through MIAMI again--What's new?

Always looking for new adventures in MIA eating! Although we're not far from South Beach, we prefer Surfside, Upper East Side, Our "splurge" dinner is usually at Michy's, but for those nights we can get away from the parents, we like Red Line, Philip Ho's (for dim sum), Sushi Deli, and other less pricy deliciousness. Last year we tried Gigi, which we liked a lot, and we'd like to explore Wynwood more.

We live in Boston, and have good access to excellent Asian food , so when we travel, we're less interested in those foods.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Try Oak Tavern and Josh's Deli.

    1. Josh's Deli in Surfside is a great call. I had a good first meal at Oak Tavern as well.

      Red Light is sadly gone, but Kris Wessel's taken his act over to South Beach at Florida Cookery, where I also have had a good first meal. Many Red Light favorites still on the menu, a little pricier (but with working a/c!)

      Newish on Upper East Side is Blue Collar - like the name suggests, simple straightforward hearty food. Good burger, the "big ragout," and any of the braises are usually good.

      Also in the same neighborhood is The Federal, a nice gastropub type place from the folks who did the Phuc Yea! pop-up last year. They also have a new bakery (Acme) in Midtown.

      There are several other new places in and around Design District / Midtown / Wynwood area, but I've yet to be really wowed - Shokudo, Bloom, Machiya.

      If you've not explored it yet, North Beach area has lots of less pricy places from a cross section of South and Central America: Las Vacas Gordas (Argentine parillada), Buenos Aires Bakery (Argentine bakery), Sazon (Cuban), El Rey del Chivito (Uruguayan), Moises Bakery (Venezuelan), Sazon (Cuban). I've not yet tried Mixtura (Peruvian) but would like to.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Thanks, Frod…
        I knew I could count on you, as I have over the past 10+ years of my MIA adventures.
        I think I've tried every one of the North Beach area places you've mentioned--and enjoyed them all. I'll look for Mixtura on this trip.
        I'm not surprised that Red Light is gone. Delish food, but the front of the house left a lot to be desired. Last time I was there I posted about the strange wine/beer situation. Florida Cookery looks like a definite place to go. Blue Collar and the Federal are also on my horizon, if time (and family concerns) allow.
        I'll wait on Wynwood for another few months, I guess.

        1. re: Lgalen

          Red light closed because the hotel owner wanted to raise rent too much. It had nothing to do with how the restaurant was doing.

          1. re: Lgalen

            I just had a lunch at the second location of Mixtura (in Coral Gables, former La Cofradia spot) which was only OK. Don't count that one as a recommendation quite yet.