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Dec 12, 2012 08:26 AM

Beef and turkey leg for Christmas: what cut, and where? (Baltimore)

Looking for a flavorful cut of beef to roast for Christmas. Do I need to pay for prime rib, or is there an alternative? And where should I get it? I was thinking of Trueths in Oella, but open to other suggestions. Also turkey leg?

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  1. Whole Foods often sell turkey parts this time of year in addition to whole turkeys.

    1. Hollins Market and Lexington Market have stalls that sell turkey legs and other turkey parts, including giblets. Lexington Market also has smoked turkey legs.

      There is an alternative to the prime rib, the chuck eye roast. The prime comes from ribs 6-12, while the chuck comes from ribs 1-5.

      Since Trueths is also an abattoir, they'll be able to give you the exact cut that you want.

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        Treuths suggested rump roast, good flavor, should be thinly sliced, so I'm pre-ordering from them and will pick up on Monday. they don't have turkey legs, so will get fom Wholefoods which is round the corner from me.
        Thanks, hounds!