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Dec 12, 2012 08:25 AM

Pub & Kitchen Christmas Dinner

We had the wonderful Christmas Dinner at P&K last night. It's a fantastic bargain at $35. Additional beverage pairing is $14. Frankly, it's a steal. Three courses + a cheese course. And the portions are not small. We all left completely stuffed.

I tend to forget just how deft of a hand they have with their sauces. The albufera with the scallop (wonderfully inspired) and the fleurie with the lamb were "lick your plate clean" good. And the service was warm and attentive, which made my entire family feel comfortable and in good hands. Hats off the the kitchen and staff.

The dinners change weekly, and if we weren't so busy next week, we'd return for the next round. Foobooz has the menus here:

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