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Dec 12, 2012 07:42 AM

Gift certificate to restaurant Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope

We want to give a gift certificate from our office to a doctor who lives in Brooklyn Heights. Any suggestions for a nice restaurant in Brooklyn Heights or Park Slope? They like chicken, veggies and pasta. Asian and Italian fit the bill. Thank you.

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  1. Queen Restaurant at 84 Court Street is an old established Italian restaurant - you can't go wrong with them. But I don't know about gift certificates.


    1. It would be helpful to know how much you want to spend. Anyway, here are the Brooklyn Heights restaurants that are Gift worthy:

      Jack the Horse Tavern
      Noodle Pudding

      And also good but older school:

      Henry's End

      I'll leave it to others to list Park Slope places but I will say that Applewood is my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn.

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        I'd also recommend Queen, one of my favorites in the neighborhood, but you also may want to check out Red Gravy, just opened yesterday on Atlantic between Henry and Clinton from the same owner of Saul. Haven't heard much about it yet, but if Saul is any indication, should be excellent.

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          That's a convenient location for me - thanks for the news.