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Dec 12, 2012 07:36 AM

Question about La Grenouille

First off, has anyone dined there in the past couple of years, and if so, were you pleased with the experience?

My more specific question is about the Quenelle de Brochet (pike dumpling). I am going to be spending a few weeks in Lyon, France in February and understand that La Grenouille is the only place in Manhattan that still serves this signature Lyonnaise dish. Has anyone tried it there? If so, how was it? And is there anywhere else in Manhattan that serves this dish?

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  1. Benoit and Millesime also serve pike quenelles. I've only tried Millesime's version and liked it a lot.

    La Grenouille is wonderful.

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      Thanks, I had read an article from around 2005 from the Times (I think) lamenting the closing of one of NY's classic French restaurants. It mentioned La Grenouille being the last place in the city to get quenelles de brochet. It's good to know that newer places have opened since then that serve it

    2. Other places still have quenelles de brochet, but La Grenouille's is excellent. But the main pluses are the drop dead gorgeous room, the Proust era ambience, and the amazing souffles.

      1. I'll second that. Was there last week,for my favorite meal-which always starts with quenelles .The taste has never changed-it's always perfect, but here's what's different. There is only one quenelle now,instead of two and the sauce Nantua doesn't actually have any lobster bits in it. Still tastes yummy tho. They have a two course $49 prix-fixe. I think that their reducing the number is their way of keeping the price down-much in the same way that a pound of coffee is now 12 oz...

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          This sounds great. From looking at the menu on the website, I'm assuming this is a lunch prix fixe. Do you know if they have it on weekends as well?

          And maybe i'm reading your post too literally, but but when you say the meal "always starts with quenelles" are you ordering as the main dish or as the first course? I'm just curious, and obviously getting very excited to go there. Thanks for the info.

          1. re: bnowell

            What I mean is that 'my' meal always starts with quenelles,next a cheese soufflé and the finish is floating island. An 'all white' meal :). Don't know about weekend prix-fixe, but two courses for $49 dollars is pretty darned good. If you don't want a third ( dessert) course which makes it more expensive, just order a coffee and they will bring you a plate of mignardises. That should satisfy your taste for a sweet. Don't forget to dress up! the service and setting are impeccable-you should be too. It is part of the experience.

            1. re: pammi

              That's a good combo. I just wanted to make sure you weren't saying that you were able to get the quenelles and another main for the $49 price, which was too good to be true.

              I will certainly be going soon. Thanks for the tip! La Grenouille sounds like just what i'm looking for.

              1. re: bnowell

                Too good to be true,indeed! for $49 ,you can get the quenelles and a main course. Coffee and complimentary mignardises and then you can float out of the restaurant. The A seating is in the front of the restaurant,so try to snag a seat there or as close to there as possible..