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Dec 12, 2012 06:35 AM

Lunch Downton on Friday?

Hi Hounds -

My husband and I have the day off on Friday and are planning to spend it downtown doing some holiday shopping. Does anyone have a recommendation for lunch somewhere nice? I don't work downtown anymore so I no longer have that running list of places I want to try.
No real restrictions, but neither of us eat seafood. I know that this is a mundane request, but I would love some new ideas.

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  1. Love the Boston Kebab House in Liberty Square. The made to order salad line typically stretches out the door but the roll-ups and sandwhiches are only a small wait I think. I usually get the mezze bar, runs me about $8 with pita. Gorgeous food! They also have fairly ample seating downstairs. Much prefer it to Cafe de Boston on Franklin!!

    1. Zo (on State Street or Center Plaza) has an excellent gyro. They have a few seats, but is more of a takeout option.

      If you want to sit down I like Grotto (on Bowdoin near State House, but not far from Downtown) and Marliave, both have very good sandwich options (notably chx parm at Grotto and Mrs. Marliave, guess where) and are reasonably priced. Also, Silvertone is an old standby in this area and I like JM Curley for a burger.

      There are many other options, but these are the first that come to mind.

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        I'd go to JM Curley if you haven't been. It's really the best new-ish option downtown. The other items on the menu besides the burger are quite good as well.

        If you'd like to jump up in price point/ambiance, I still believe Radius serves the best high end lunch downtown. Their burger is one of the best, and the salad special is always pretty interesting.

      2. Hm ... Kebab House is fab food but maybe not "somewhere nice" as in tablecloths. Tablecloth nice in my book would be Petit Robert Central. I've had the omelette (great fries) and the salad nicoise - both yummy. They also had a strange vichyssoise and coffee (?!) soup that was weirdly good.

        1. I think that Boston Kebab House probably doesn't fit your definition of "nice" but a lot of people here are supportive of Hillstone, the reborn version of Houston's.

            1. re: Taralli

              Great onion soup at the Marliave!

              Highly recommend it.....