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Dec 12, 2012 05:36 AM

Best cheap eats in the Lawrenceville Princeton area?

I am heading to Lawrenceville today to look at a college. Afterwards I will be looking for a spot for a late lunch. I wouldn't mind some place inexpensive. Any ideas?


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  1. Of the maybe 4-6 places (hard to keep count cause they come and go) to eat in "downtown" Lawrenceville, TJ's Pizzeria is the cheapest.
    While their pizza is not the best in the area, it's decent. Here's a blurb from their website:

    "TJ's Pizza & Italian Eatery has been offering original think crust Neopolitan pizza to Lawrenceville, NJ since 1970. We have great gourmet selections of pizza, Stromboli, hot and cold subs, and the best Philadelphia-style steak. We also have incredible pasta selections. Come by and give our delicious meals a try."

    No menu on their site, but this link looks about right:

    1. I have friends who live in Lawrenceville who like Michael's Diner on Route 1 for a good cheap meal. It has a decent salad bar.

      1. Thanks for the information! I searched this board for ideas and someone recommended Chez Alice. We had a couple of paninis which were very good. The only issue there was seating -- there is not a lot of space. We were at a tiny table for two shoved in between a couple other tables in the back. Luckily one of the other tables cleared and we moved over.

        After that we walked around going in and out of some stores. We ended up at the Bent Spoon. OMG the meyer lemon and mascarpone ice cream was amazing!