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Dec 11, 2012 11:18 AM

Favorite non-kosher restaurants in Jerusalem? [moved from Kosher board]

What are your favorite non-kosher restaurants in Jerusalem?

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  1. With a few exceptions - most of my favorite places to eat in Jerusalem aren't kosher. Even some places that I used to think were kosher. Shegar, and Ethiopian restaurant off of Agripas and Cafe Mizrachi in the shuk all have menus that are "kosher style" (Shegar being meat, Mizrachi being dairy) - but technically neither place is kosher. Those are easily two of my favorites .

    I also love the Korean restaurant on Shamai Street and Mandarin Chinese on Shlomtzion. Though I think liking Mandarin Chinese is just a sign that you've been away from the US for so long that you're willing to pay anything to get a taste of food you can get in the US. Also in the city center I do like Adom, but for fancier meals I prefer Yeudeleh and Machene Yehudah (I've heard great things about Chakrah, but never eaten there).

    Outside of the city center, I also like Workshop - which is in this area near the Jerusalem Train Station near Hebron Road. And in East Jerusalem, my favorite place is Al-Zahrah.

    1. Hi Cresyd,

      Thanks for the quick reply. I, too, like the Korean restaurant on Shamai. I discovered it on our trip last year, and we'll be going again next week. Where is this place Yeudeleh? I have never seen it mentioned, and Google has been no help.

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        Yeudeleh is a tapas style-bar spinoff from the owners of Machene Yehudah. If you find the address to that place, then it's just across the street. It's a bar around an open kitchen, so it's lots of fun but is on the louder side.

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          Toda raba, or kathar khirek cathir, which is a fancy way to say "shukran."

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            Depending on your plans - there's an amazing place for Palestinian/Arabic food in Birzeit (outside of Ramallah to the north). This link gives a review of it, and while the service is a pretty clunky - the food is great.

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              The place looks interesting, but I doubt that I could get my Israeli friends to go there.

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                Ah, yeah - depends on who you're visiting.

      2. Hi Cresyd,

        We ate in Chakra. It was quite good, although the music was played at a louder volume than I find comfortable. They did lower it for us for about 30 minutes, but then it went back up to the high volume again. I've had better food in Israel, but I've also had worse. We'll probably go again.

        We wanted to eat in Machaneyuda, but our friend who was making the reservations didn't get it right, and so we didn't have a reservation on the night we went there. But we found the place, and marched on in, and asked if they had a table. (a) They didn't, and (b) I was extremely glad, because the noise level was so high that I had no desire whatsover to eat there.

        We had a good lunch at Zuni, which is right opposite our hotel. I find Zuni more pleasant in the afternoon than in the evening.

        The best food, however, was in Tel Aviv.


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          Yeah, the noise level at Macheneyuda is very loud. Particularly for the kind of food that they're serving and at the price. I think that's why I like Yudeleh in that while the music is still loud, it feels like I'm at a bar (and overall it's cheaper) - so it doesn't bother me as much.

          And yes - the best food to be found is in Tel Aviv. No arguments there.