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Dec 12, 2012 04:20 AM

Orange compromise

Good day to you all!

I've started eating more fruit and veg recently, and I'm trying to find the right orange.

This morning, I ate a clemantine, which was nice, especially the easy to peel skin, and no pips, plus the texture was excellent. Very juicy. But the juice itself was a little sweet, lacking the acidic punch I was expecting.

Just went and bought another one from the canteen (the first was from home), and it's almost the opposite. It was seedless, and the juice tastes great, but it was a fuss to peel, and the dealbreaker, the flesh - or rather the segment walls - were very thick, and after you swallow the juice, doesn't taste very nice. Kind of bitter.

Is there a variety of orange that will give the acidity I'm looking for with the texture of a clemantine? I recall having this problem as a child and I didn't find the solution then.

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  1. I don't care for regular oranges, the texture of the segment walls just totally grosses me out.

    Last weekend I got a big bag of mandarins at the asian market. they are fantastic. easy to peel, nice texture, sweet and tart, but SO TINY! we're each eating 2-3 per sitting. :)

    last winter we bought sumo oranges at Whole Foods. easy to peel, very tasty, good texture. limited availability tho and a little $$$. gotta get to WF and see if they have some.

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      Mandarins sound pretty good then!

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        Clementines are a variety of mandarins, and I believe most oranges sold as with the general "mandarin" label are the clementine variety (as opposed to tangerines, which are also mandarins, but labeled more specifically).

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          I'll have to look closer at the bag I got. Now I'm curious about the origins of my mandarins. :)

          They had a table set up at the asian market with girls in what I believe were Korean costume, calling out to everyone who passed to try a sample. They were also selling clementimes, on a separate display.

          I'm so frustrated with purchasing clementimes, I have really bad luck getting a good batch of them!

    2. You might try a tangerine, which is just as easy to peel as a Clementine but a bit more tart.

      My favorite oranges are Satsumas, which are just like Clementines, but even sweeter (almost honey-like), so you'd probably not like them.

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        Good knowledge - thanks buddy ^__^

      2. Navel oranges are very easy to peel and segment. They may be a little less acidic than you are looking for.

        Tangelos (tangerines crossed with other citrus varieties) are worth trying. These generally keep the ease of peeling and segmenting but have more acid than many oranges.

        There are so many varieties of citrus - your best bet is a knowledgeable greengrocer. Even within the same cultivar there will be variations depending on grove conditions, weather, etc.

        1. Tangerines. Blood oranges have good tart sweet flavor but might not be as easy to peel.

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            I love blood oranges. I do not find them especially hard to peel. Harder than clementines, but worth it.

          2. Honeybell oranges if you can get them btwn now & early Feb are my favorite orange. Large, juicy segments. Very fragrant.

            here's a pic.