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Dec 12, 2012 03:24 AM

South of Boston

I am seeking a great place to meet a friend around Marshfield, Hingham or anywhere close to RT 3. We want to meet halfway. She lives in Malden I live on Cape. I love Solstice in Kingston but welcome a new spot. A nice bar to chat is important and good food similar to Solstice. Thanks...

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  1. I hate to confirm what you probably already know, but there is a dearth of good options in that stretch of road. Solstice is by far the best option. If you don't mind doing the bulk of the driving as it's no where near the halfway point, you could do Tosca in Hingham. Quite excellent, but it's also about 6 miles off Rte 3 past Hingham center. Worth the trip if you've never been and want something other than Solstice.

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      I like Tosca but it seems to take forever to get there from 3....

      1. re: phelana

        Only 6 miles, but I hear ya, it's a long 6 miles from Rte 3.

        There's also the 3 sit down options at the Derby Street Shops in Hingham, just off the highway. None are amazing but all are pretty decent...Jasper White's, Rustic Kitchen and Burton's. I generally prefer Rustic Kitchen of the three, unless I'm in the mood to spring for a yummy pan roasted lobster at Jasper's.

    2. Hola in Marshfield is very good.