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Dec 11, 2012 09:40 PM

Mexican restaurants in Tokyo

What are some good Mexican restaurants in Tokyo? I’ve been to La Jolla and Junkadelic, and while Junkadelic I found was better, the portions were incredibly stingy for their price. The last good Mexican food I had was in Fukuoka at El Borracho (and its sister shop La Borracha), but my two ‘meh’ experiences in Tokyo have made me a bit hesitant about seeking out more Mexican places here (maybe I shouldn’t trust rave reviews from a Brit? ;) ).

This is excluding standalone burrito stores like Libre and Frijoles (although if anyone has good recs, I’d love to hear them too!).

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  1. Tough one. The standard used to be La Fonda de la Madrugada, but it is expensive and can be a bit precious with the annoying mariachi music and so on. More of a bubble era remnant that hangs in there. La Jolla stinks to high heaven, and Junkadelic is, well, junk.

    I've heard of some place out in the Western Boonies, don't remember the name or the location, but I heard that's were the Mexican Embassy gets its catering, so that's probably worth a shot.

    Unfortunately, Tokyo is a bit of a wasteland for Mexican food. Surprisingly, Hong Kong does a better job at that.

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      Quick question, Uncle Yabai - is it true that most Mexican restaurants in Tokyo served shredded cabbage (like those served in tonkatsu restaurants) instead of lettuce as a garnish for burritos, etc?

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        I don't know, never eaten at a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo that even served burritos. But wouldn't surprise me, and that would be just daft.

    2. Take a look at El Quixico in Nishi Ogikubo. A bit small, but worth checking out if you find yourself in the area.

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        That stuff looks disgusting. Wouldn't trek around the corner from my own home in Aoyama for that.

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          I think we all know it's slim pickings in Tokyo. Just throwing out an option. I've been to La Jolla and Salsita. i think El Quixico is slightly better. Heard there's a new place above Agave in Roppongi (La Cocina Gabriela Mexicana). Anyone been yet?

      2. I also thought that Junkadelic and La Jolla, were just so-so. La Fonda de la Madrugada's food is better, but way too pricey and those mariachi boys suck any joy I have out of my evening. At least it's not quite as grating as the forced customer participation at El Rincon de Sam, where dinners are subjected to a torturous flamenco performance and assaulted with flying sombreros. Hacienda Del Cielo is big on style but thin on substance... but I suppose that's to be expected given its Daikanyama address. El Quixico was actually recommended to me by a Mexican friend, but I didn't think it was worth the hike out west for.
        My best Mexican to date was at Salsita in Hiroo. Decent food, reasonable prices and a good tequila list.

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          I've passed by Salsita many times, or looked at it, sitting there, all forlorn (the restaurant, not me), while I have a coffee at the Segafreddo across the street. Never bothered to try it, though.

          Speaking of the Segafreddo, if the Tokyo police wanted to round up assorted foreign criminals, overstayers, and off-duty Roppongi Nigerians, could do no worse than to raid the Segafreddo on a weekend afternoon. Probably land enough immigration violators to keep them busy all week.

        2. I would also recommend El Quixico and Salsita. I guess we won't be running into Uncle Yabai in either one of them though.

          I'm from New York so I don't know from burritos, but a San Francisco friend assures me that the branch of Eat in Hikarie makes pretty good ones. I've tried them and I like Libre just a little better, but again, what do I know....

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            Ah, I also saw the burritos at Eat in Hikarie but couldn't tell if they would be any good, although they looked really tempting. Nice to hear they're not so bad, will have to check them out next time!

          2. There's a new place in Roppongi right above Agave (my fav Tequila bar) called LA COCINA GABRIELA MEXICANA :

            It's run by some ex-Ruths-Chris guys so the foods quite good but I heard there's a strange "1 main meat dish per person" requirement so best to go hungry. There's been enough complaints about this so hopefully they'll get rid of this soon.