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Dec 11, 2012 08:48 PM

ISO lemon stuffed olives

I used to buy these at the Spice Trader/Olive store on Queen West but was in on Sunday and they no longer carry them. They were in a small yellow/green can. Has anyone seen these around?

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  1. Hmm I am not sure they are the same as one you are looking for but you can try
    Taste of Turkiye
    982 Danforth Ave (647) 346-8712
    and while you are there you can visit next door
    The Best Olives in the World (yeah you read it right)
    974 Danforth Ave (647) 477-3170
    As I did try some of those in their mix olive offering.

    1. I've seen them in the Olive & Olives store at 779 Queen St East just East of Broadview.