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Dec 11, 2012 07:46 PM

Wine recommendation with seafood?

Hello, my family is taking out a dear friend out for dinner at Starfish. The restaurant has BYOW, the friend loves wine, so we'd like to surprise her with an amazing wine, but none of us have any idea.

Starfish is a seafood restaurant, all sorts of wonderful seafood and
my friend only likes French white wines with seafood (she's almost xenophobic when it comes to wine).

We only have a vague idea of what she might order. Likely a green salad to start, definitely seafood as main (not sure which seafood though), 100% she will be getting sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

Can anybody recommend a great white wine that would go with all of the above (or at least with her entree)? Something that I can pick up from a subway-accessible LCBO. Price isn't an issue if it's a really amazing bottle.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide!

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  1. Any great white like a very good Chablis, White Burgundy, great California Chardonnay...etc that goes well with oysters and seafood will not go well with your sweet 'sticky pudding'!!
    My suggestion is to bring along a good White Burgundy like a Puligny-Montrachet for the seafood AND half a bottle of Icewine or Sauternes for the dessert. Otherwise, may be a bottle of Champagne?!
    This might be a challenge for fellow chowhounder - 'wine guru' Estufarian?!! Good Luck!!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      I would echo most of Charles's sentiments, however must disagree with the dessert pairing. Given the level of sweetness in a toffee pudding, you could go with either a Moscato d'asti (the effervescence will help cut the richness), or perhaps a late harvest Icewine (not nearly as cloyingly sweet as a regular Icewine).

      1. re: Sadistick

        Forget about the dessert. Rule of thumb is to have the wine sweeter than the dessert (otherwise the wine can taste astringent). So only something like a Port will stand up to sticky toffee pudding.
        Finish the wine before the dessert! And if desired order a glass of Port from the restaurant.
        As for a suggestion, all of Charles' suggestions are great. However, the only wine currently available that I have bought and taken to a restaurant (rather than retrieving from my cellar) is the Domaine Eden Chardonnay (Vintages 296145 $27.95) - it's quite versatile.
        instock here:EDIT: the link didn't work as the specific wine isn't recognised: Use the search function at
        (available at several subway stops although scattered).

        An alternative would be a sparkler. Champagne is always welcome - but a more modest choice would be a Cremant d'Alsace (typically $17-20) or a Cava (from Spain) - about $5 less.

    2. Repeating a theme here...

      Depending on how much you want to spend a "great white wine" from France would be Grand Cru Chablis or Grand Cru White Burgundy. Those would impress, but will also be expensive, if available at LCBO. A step below that would be Premier Cru White Burgundy or Premier Cru Chablis. Your friend will still appreciate both the effort and the wine at less cost. It won't be cheap, though, just not as expensive as Grand Cru wines.

      1. Not sure what you can get at the LCBO. But there are even some village Chablis' and white Burgs that would be delicious with the seafood and really affordable. Samuel Billaud's 2010 village Chablis is incredible at around $20, as is Louis Jadot's Clos des Gouettes white Savigny les Beaunes.

        Don't worry about the Sticky Toffee Pudding and wine. Port or PX Sherry are the matches for that. Even Moscato will get lost.

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        1. re: ChefJune

          Thanks for chiming in.
          Unfortunately we only get what 'big brother LCBO' allows us. Don't recall EVER seeing anything from Billaud..
          We do get Jadot (mostly red) and I know I've had the Gouettes in the past - but not currently available. The 'closest' is the Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse 2009 (@ $29.95) which I haven't tried. Would this work?

          1. re: estufarian

            I think the Jadot PF would probably work fine. Probably better if she doesn't choose an Asian inflected dish. Those usually go better with Sauvignon Blanc.

        2. I just noticed this thread has been moved to the Wine Board (from Ontario).
          Given that the poster was asking for a recommendation that could be picked-up from a subway-accessible LCBO I'm not sure that this move has assisted the poster.

          Also, there's no link here (that I can find) from the Ontario Board, so potential local advice has also been reduced!

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          1. re: estufarian

            I did notice you were in Ontario. that's why I mentioned that...

          2. My recommendation would be to find a good Spanish, Portuguese, or Californian, Albarinho.

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            1. re: RhonelyInsanediego

              Those could work well except for the fact that the OP stated plainly the person the wine choice is sought for "only likes French white wine".

              1. re: RhonelyInsanediego

                I also often order an albarino - excellent wines.
                However, only two available that potentially meet the criteria, both Spanish
                Alvinte Albarino $14.85, and
                Pazo Pondal, Leira $15.95.
                Both 'competent' rather than 'good' (IMO). But both would work.