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Dec 11, 2012 07:09 PM

Place to meet between Vienna, Va and Baltimore?

Nothing fancy..just decent wine and food

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  1. Rays the Classics in downtown Silver Spring

    1. Between Vienna and Baltimore is about a 50 mile stretch. Can't you narrow this down a bit? At least what route do you plan to take?

      1. Rockville has alot of choices of restaurants...and if the Balto diner is willing to come a little further, what about Grapeseed in Bethesda? Not only good food and wine but suggested pairings of the two. $5 valet is a nice touch too.

        1. Grace Garden near Ft. Meade. It's worth a drive from Vienna. I believe they allow corkage, but I'm not sure.

          1. Sushi Sono in Columbia and Pasta Plus in Laurel