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Dec 11, 2012 06:14 PM

Best Restaurants in West Maui

Hi, We are staying in West Maui for 6 days and want to try the best places in or close to Honokowai or Kaanapoli.
Looking for both up scale and hole in the walls. Seafood, sushi and thai are some preferences.
Pacafico is on the list because I was there many years ago, love to hear if it is still great.

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  1. As we normally do "fine-dining," I can give you my "short-list" of those restaurants:

    Merriman's Kapalua
    Lahaina Grill
    Banyan Tree, Ritz-Carlton (have not been, since the redo)

    We have had lovely breakfasts and lunches at:

    Plantation House - Kaplua
    The Gazebo
    Sea Watch

    Also, though not near-by, we love Mama's Fish House, and Bev Gannon's, though across the Island.

    Now, we have not been to Maui in 16 mos., so things could always have changed, and restaurants could have come, and some gone.

    Pacifico was good for us, but have not been in several trips. Maybe someone will have a useful, recent update.