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Dec 11, 2012 06:13 PM

Vital Wheat Gluten - differences?

Does the flavor of gluten flour differ from brand to brand? In the past few months I have tried a few recipes using wheat gluten flour, but the final product had a certain strange and overpowering taste that I could not get my head around. (One was a chickpea cutlet from Veganomicon, another was a red lentil "sausage" from Big Vegan). Neither recipe actually had a large amount of the gluten flour even, probably about 1/2 cup.

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  1. I haven't found that it varies much from brand to brand, nor do I think it has a strong taste. Is it possible that the culprit was another ingredient? Nutritional yeast, or bullion, perhaps? If you bought it in bulk, perhaps it had been sitting around, or got cross-contaminated with something?

    1. I don't think it varies but vital wheat gluten definitely has a flavor. It definitely needs some type of flavoring agent. I also wonder if there's something that happened to one of the ingredients such as the VWG or another ingredient. Nutritional yeast is a likely culprit as it is easy to go overboard (a little is tasty, a lot is odd) and as flake size varies by brand, measuring can be tricky.

      1. I make a lot of faux meats using both tofu and vwg... there is most definitely a difference in the tastes between them. Out of all that I have tried, Red Mill vwg had the less pleasing taste while also leaving me with a seitan dough and finished product that was like rubber and had a less pleasing taste... I prefer hodgson mill for the vwg of choice because the taste is great while the product it produced is superior in quality. I love using Red Mills products but this time they just weren't the leading product for my taste.

        1. Where can you buy Vital Wheat Gluten in Scarborough or GTA, and around how much per pound?

          Bulk Barn's website has a product called "gluten flour" (, don't know if it's the same as vital wheat gluten?



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            Gluten flour is the same thing as VWG. I buy mine at Ambrosia in Thornhill.

            They are usually the best priced but you can also check out places like Noah's, etc.