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Dec 11, 2012 06:11 PM

Presidential Vintage Port 2000


Has anyone tried this? What is it like?

Reason I ask: I am looking for port as gift, up to around $80, that's ready to drink now. He doesn't like drinking ports especially young; favors plumy and rich, over dry, and doesn’t like ruby port.

Thank you!

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  1. This question should more properly be posted in the Wine Board. That's probably why you didn't get any responses.

    A 2000 is going to be young. Vintage port only starts to become drinkable at around 15 years, and that is on the young side. That said, the 2000 vintage is excellent. Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate say this port it is mature enough to drink, but with the characteristics of a young port.

    1. a) This should be on the wine board.

      b) The brand "Presidential" is not very well thought of, and for good reason. Is it bad, no; is it worth the price, no.

      Words like "plumy and rich" fit Ruby Porto, of which Vintage Porto is one type. Tawny Ports will be sweet and rich in flavor, but not plummy.

      2000 is a good vintage to get, as would 2003. Are you in Boston or New York? There are any number of wines available in both cities. For specific recommendations -- unless you want to order online -- I would check with wine merchants in your location.

      (This presumes you weren't trying to get this as a Christmas present; if so, we're too late, but you are asking about WINE on the SPIRITS board.)

      1. Hi Angel:
        Agreed w/ J and Zin's comments.

        You should be able to find any number of interesting bottles in your price range that would thrill your port-loving friend.

        Generally speaking, I'd prefer the 2000's. In Chicago, for example, Binny's has at 750ml size: Dows ($69) and Fonseca ($80) would work great.

        In the 2003's: Dows ($75), Croft ($78), Graham's ($85), Fonseca ($90), or Cockburn ($65)...

        As a "splurge" slightly over your budget, consider a Dows from the superb 1994 vintage at $89. He would love this.

        Another strategy would be to get two split bottles for slightly more total money, that way your friend can sample them side by side one evening. Binny's has a 2003 Grahams 375ml at $45 for example.