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Dec 11, 2012 06:03 PM

Rainbow carrots...South Shore to the Cape?

Title says all. Would like to add these to my Christmas menu. Any ideas? Outside of Sid Wainer in New Beige, I'm at a loss. I tried a few of the local produce guys and they can get me a Just cooking for 10.

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  1. Buy the case, share some with the horses?

    We're held captive out here in the Land of Fish and Chips.
    I've learned to grab it when I see it.

    "A bird in the hand..."

    1. I've been able to get them at Windfall Market in Falmouth fairly often. Give them a call before you make the trip. Love the rainbow carrots.

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      1. re: dordalina

        Thanks! It would be great to find them locally!

        1. re: dordalina

          Thanks Dordalina...Windfall it was! Nice store btw. Terrific baked goods.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Glad I could help! They do have terrific pastries. They also carry quite a bit of produce from local suppliers which is always nice to see and their staff is super friendly.

        2. Did you try the Market Basket? They seem to have a great variety of veggies, give them a call; they say they can get anything you don't see and will order it for you. I just love, love that store, we drive to and from it in Cape season but now drive down from Scituate because it's so wonderful.

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          1. re: taddybelle

            Thanks for the thought! Yes, went today actually and no rainbows. Like you, I LOVE that store and will only go to Stop and Shop or Shaw's kicking and screaming.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Did you try Whole Foods in Hingham? Cape Cod Organic Farm distributed some earlier this fall as part of the CSA share, but I doubt they have any left now.

          2. Phoenix, in Orleans?

            1. Sid wainer outlet in New Bedford - call them first - but they definitely carry them.