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Dec 11, 2012 05:10 PM

Lea & Perrins marinade for chicken

What is the verdict on this stuff? I just saw a bottle at my scratch and dent store and I am intrigued. How is it and should I bother? It was only 89¢

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  1. I'd pay (and have) much more for it. It's one of the best bottled marinades I've ever had. My MIL made some chicken with it, and it was awesome. I've used it liberally in poultry marinades ever since. In fact, I'd probably buy the whole lot if I ran across it in the store at a good price. I'd like to hear your opinion of it. Please do yurself a favor and run and buy some.

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    1. re: EWSflash

      I am friendly with the girls that run the store. Should I buy one and have them save the rest for me when I decide if I like it?

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        Sorry I forgot to get back to you. I am going to open a bottle this week of this marinade and i want to say I do really love it. Thanks for your opinion. I still have a few bottles left.

      2. Sincere question: what makes it so good? I'm curious.

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          I have side by side compared the two to give you my personal tastes. While we all are familiar with the regular worcestershire, I was not familiar with the chicken marinade. The original is more herbal, sweet and slightly deeper with a hint of smoke and the chicken marinade has a forward wine flavor and a more savory flavor with no smoke and the herbal flavor ia apparent but not as face forward as the original. I hope that helps. I personally say if they sell it near you, grab it. You won't be sorry, its good for chicken and pork.

          1. re: suzigirl

            I don't care for it. Lea & Perrins first brought this out quite a few years ago, but under the name "Lea & Perrins White", or something to that effect, meant as a Worcestershire version for white meat. Found it much too lightweight & watery - even for chicken.

            Apparently I wasn't alone, for lo & behold, they reincarnated it as a "marinade" instead of as a sauce. Tried it again, & STILL find it lightweight & watery.

            1. re: Bacardi1

              Interesting, Bacardi1. In general I despise lightweight and watery sauces (and marinades), but found the product to be thick and flavorful. I hope they haven't changed the formulation from when I first tasted it. I haven't really checked, so I guess I shlould go do that.

              1. re: EWSflash

                Well I haven't bought it in quite awhile, so if it's thick & flavorful as you say then they had to have changed the formulation for the better.

        2. THE very best marinade I have ever used, but, no idea where I bought it and cannot find it in Burnaby or Vancouver, BC
          I can't contact the company because they insist on typing in a 'state' and I live in Vancouver. HELP!
          If you have access to it....BUY IT.