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Dec 11, 2012 04:50 PM

Leone's Subs

Passed this place in Somerville today and the garish sign intrigued me. Is it any good?

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  1. so where did you end up for the wakefield/stoneham/melrose soiree?
    just curious.

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    1. re: gracenote

      We went to Malden and ate at Massimo's!!

    2. I've only had their Sicilian pizzas which are very good. Very cheesy slices on a thick, slow-raised crust. It's hard to find a good Sicilian slice in this town. I haven't tried their subs. Friendly owner and it's cash only. Certainly worth a try in my opinion. If you're looking to feed a group of people cheaply, this is a good option. They sell their pizzas by the whole and half-sheet.

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        Try Imperial in Brighton. Their regular pizza is only so-so, but they have my favorite Sicilian slice in town.

      2. Leone's has excellent subs, the best eggplant sub I've ever had in fact. They have a bunch of weird combos with it like eggplant/italian cold cuts, eggplant/sausage, and eggplant/steak, the first two being my favorite. This was my favorite sandwich in the world for a couple of years. The eggplant is home made as are the meatballs, sauce (terrific) and everything else.

        I loved their sicilian slices for a while when I was younger but the sauce is a little sweet for me nowadays.

        That said, their spinach slice (with garlic/no sauce) is excellent, but only available during lunch time (unless you order a half tray).

        The one thing I haven't tried are their dinner specials, which aren't on the menu and vary from week to week. I think they're only available on Friday (could be the weekend, not sure). They seem to be pretty popular.

        1. Haven't been for awhile, but when I worked next door, they had excellent subs. Loved their steak and cheese sub, meatball was really good also.

          1. love the square pizza... I cannot get enough of it. That is the only thing I have ever had from there. I may have to try their eggplant after reading rec's here.