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Dec 11, 2012 04:47 PM

Are you having problems with tiny text?

I've seen a few reports regarding tiny text when creating a new post, replying, or editing a reply. We were able to reproduce this problem on the iPhone and fix it, but I haven't seen it occurring anywhere else.

If you are having this problem, can you please provide some more info to help us resolve this.

1. Just to be on the safe side, first clear you cache. If you're not sure how to do that there are directions in the FAQ thread here:

2. If you're still seeing the problem please report it here with the following info:
a. What is your operating system?
b. In what browser are you are seeing the problem?
c. Where on the site you are seeing the problem (i.e. new posts, new replies, or editing a post or reply
)d. Please provide a screen shot if possible.

Thanks so much

- Shane

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  1. this looks pretty tiny to me. I'm on Windows 7, Firefox. I just used the blue reply button on this top level post.

    1. On a regular desktop pc, the size fo the text, except for the HUGE topic headers, is too darn small, and, in IE, the rest of the text does not adjust in size with the view menue. So all your text is TOO BIG or TOO SMALL.

      1. Screenshot from a thread in the home cooking board attached - from an iPad running ios5 and using safari.
        It's usable but the text is fairly small. I'll update the os later today and do another shot if it appears different.

        Edited to add: after updating to ios6 the text is still tiny.

        1. it's really just the transition in font size from thread headers to content to the miniscule reply box that's off-putting. I mean, I don't want to keep hitting ctrl or cmd + or - at every new window.

          windows7, firefox.

          reduce the thread titles and increase the reply box, and the rest we'll get used to.

          I like the brief clip of someone's comment in the thread's history (I needed to say something positive in the din of griping you're getting) that and marking how long ago in a relative sense something was posted, as we don't all live on PST. otherwise...

          72 dpi screenshot upload kept failing, but looked similar to the others.