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Dec 11, 2012 04:32 PM

Yorkshire pudding?

I am desperately seeking a British pub (not an Irish pub!) or other spot that serves Yorkshire pudding for a Yorkshirian friend who is craving the stuff.

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  1. The Burgandy Lion serves a yorkshire pud with their roast beef, but I don't know if your friend would rate it or not. Sometimes it just being able to find something from your home country though that hits the spot, regardless of how it tastes....

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      Well that's a non-recommendation if I ever read one.

      1. re: FrankJBN

        I guess in a way it is! But the OP was looking for a British pub that serves Yorkshire pudding, and the Burgandy Lion fits the criteria. If the OP was just wanted to try yorkshire pud for the first time, I would recommend it. But as he is asking on behalf of a Yorkshirian, who probably grew up eating Yorkshire pud weekly, I am not going to say that it is the best Yorkshire pud, or that it tastes just like Mum's, or anything like that! As I said, hopefully it will be good enough to satisfy his craving!

    2. Both Maison Publique and Dominion Tavern serve it with their Sunday roast.

      1. What about the Dominion Square Tavern? They are supposed to have traditional British pub fare on the menu. I have not been there but have seen the restaurant featured on TV. Looks good and I will go there one day for sure!

        You can also buy Yorkshire pudding frozen from Loblaws. Not up to my Mom's standard but it's good if you are stuck. Just noted someone else recommended DST. If you go let us know if you liked it.

        1. thanks for the suggestions folks. in the end she's made reservation at a fish and chips place, but now I am wanting YP, so may try out your choices soon!

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            Well fish and chips certainly fit for British fare!