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Dec 11, 2012 04:04 PM

Bully Boy Wheat Whiskey ?? Sazerac 18, Thomas Handy? Crosspost to Spirits board

has anyone tried this? What did you think of it? I'm wondering about it for a gift, reference point - giftee does like Laphroaig; can handle strong flavor, chooses to avoid rough (doesn't always take to cask strength).
Have been trying also to get Buffalo Trace Antique esp. Sazerac 18, or Thomas Handy but hard to find. (I know there's price difference between them and Bully Boy). Cirace in the North End of Boston MA got one of each a few weeks ago...they sold immediately. Grrrr!) Any hint of where to find in Boston much appreciated.
Thank you!

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  1. Not sure where to suggest to shop, but I can say that Bully Boy whiskey is *not* good. I wouldn't recommend it.

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      Thanks for this - this wheat whiskey is think a new product from them, but I've never been clear how good Bully Boy is, or if it gets traction in Boston by virtue of being local.

    2. I saw Bully Boy at the Wine Cask in Somerville. Unfortunately was not paying attention to what they had in stock.

      1. The allotments of the Antique line were sparse this year to Boston bars/restaurants and even less abundant for local stores (relative to years past). Some bar managers played hardball by threatening to drop product lines and gaining some bottles (like No. 9 Park threatening to drop their Rain Vodka from their top selling Palmyra for another vodka), and others failed and dropped everything but Maker's Mark from them (Rendezvous).

        The best Massachusetts whiskey that I have tasted is Ryan & Wood's Rye. It's like a more flavorful Sazerac 6 Year. I know that Atlas Liquors and other establishments carry it.

        Another interesting local (but Rhode Island not MA) whiskey is Uprising Whiskey from Sons of Liberty Distillery. It's a beer-driven brew process to proceed the distillation, and it's done like an unhopped stout so the roast notes came through. Unique.

        Also St. George's Single Malt from California also approaches whiskey like a beer by using roasted barley for flavor (but not as roasted as Uprising for sure). Smoked like a Scotch single malt, but with alder and beech instead of peat -- although not overly smokey. I know I have seen it at Ball Square Wines in Somerville, and elsewhere.

        Of the 3, St. George would make a great gift and is in the $60-70 range. The other two are great values for the $30-40 range. The R&W Rye gets frequent use at our home bar; I have only tasted the Uprising at an event.

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        1. re: yarm

          Thank you for this!Very helpful.
          Buffalo Trace - very sparse indeed - Charles St Liquors which has had it past years does not expect to get any. Sazerac 18 they knew right away was never going to happen.
          I'm not wedded to getting a local product.
          If you knew someone was trying top get you Sazerac 18, or Handy, and could not find - what would be your designated runner up?
          Thank you

          1. re: angelaangel

            Lagavulin 16 or three bottles of Willett Rye.

        2. In the FWIW mode, I love the Sazerac 18, and really like the Thomas Handy -- but it IS overproof/cask strength; I drink it with one or two cubes of ice, and sip slowly . . .

          1. Bought some Thomas Handy right before xmas at Gasbarros in North Attleboro. Not exactly greater boston but they had several bottles. But they were out of Saz 18