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Dec 11, 2012 04:04 PM

Open late for dinner in Philadelphia?

Does anyone know of a decent place that serves dinner at 11 pm on a wednesday in center city philadelphia or university city

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  1. Good Dog Bar on 15th St. near Locust is fun, (loud) and has good food. It's not exactly fine dining, but I assume that if you are eating at 11PM you are probably not looking for "fine!"

    1. Vintage on 13th St. serves food until midnight, and I believe its sister bar/restaurant Time serves until 1AM. Barbuzzo, also on 13th, serves until midnight. The Cooperage at 7th and Walnut has a limited menu until 1AM. In Old City, Khyber Pass Pub at 2nd and Chestnut serves their full menu until 1AM. All are very good.

      1. The Industry (Moyamensing Ave, just below Washington) serves dinner until 1 am every night