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Dec 11, 2012 04:03 PM

Oil can or bottle

I am looking for something that I can keep olive oil in and be able to pour into pans as needed. I checked with the local W&S and they say they only sell this fancy $100 stainless steel one which is more than I want to spend. I hate pouring out of the bottle as I usually pour too much. Bought a pour spout like you would see in a bar on a liquor bottle, but sizes vary this one doesn't fit my bottle. Looking for something simple and not ugly looking.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I use a red wine bottle. the pour spout should fit that and when it gets a bit grimy just get another. Of course that means you have to empty a bottle of red wine. That's the fun part! I use the red wine bottles because the glass is darker

      1. I assume you mean extra virign olive oil. For extra virgin olive oil, stainless steel is not a bad choice, but glass is just as good if not better (and usually cheaper). Even plastic may not be a bad idea. Ultimately, you want something which does not alter or react with the oil.

        I have something very inexpensive, and work well for regular cooking oils:

        However, if you are looking for extra virgin olive oil, I would pick something like

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          I've been using one just like the first one linked here for a few years and I like it very much. The only "issue" with it is the top is sort of small, so you do need to use a funnel to put the oil in, unless you have a very steady hand, and you cross your fingers that there's no "glug" that happens.

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            Yes, I have the first one too, and I have been using a few years as well. It pours/dispenses out the oil at about the right speed -- for me for cooking.

            I know exactly what you mean by "the top is sort of small". It does look small, and I was concern about oil spilling out when I had to refill the bottle. However, I have been having no issue thus far. I have to credit the oil bottles I have been using -- not this oil dispenser, but the oil containers from the stores. Many of them have very nice pourers which allow the oil to pour out in a narrow/focus steam.

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            Thanks! That first link is perfect for what I wanted.

          3. A friend and local potter makes bottles with pour spouts for olive oil if you'd be interested. I can send along contact info if you'd like. Photo of her work attached.

            1. That being said, I just use a dark wine bottle with a pouring spout. I make sure the spout has a cork stopper. The plastic ones will break down eventually.

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                I have a ceramic bottle and plate... very kitschy and bright with olives and tomatoes on it. I got it years ago from one of those school fundraiser catalog things when a co-workers son was raising funds for his soccer team. I love it and would be heartbroken if I broke it. I googled around and this was the closest thing I found:

                (Mine cost < $15 for the bottle and the plate!


                It's great having the plate, because it catches any drips.