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Dec 11, 2012 03:44 PM

Jamie's Epic Hot Chocolate - What is Horlick's and what can I use instead and choc
Want to make some of these for give aways...
What ia a good quality cocoa/dark chocolate (% unsweetened?) and what is Horlick's? What can I use to substitute.

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  1. Horlicks is malted milk drink powder. Much info on Google.

    1. Horlicks is malted milk. Used to be easy to find.

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        Horlick's is sometimes available in Indian and Chinese (especially geared toward HK) markets, as it's popular in Asia. OP could use something like Carnation malted milk powder, though Horlick's is more flavorful.

      2. I couldn't fnd either but bought Ovaltine...thoughts?

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            Not quite as malted as Horlick's, but you'll get the basic flavor in there. Milo, which you can often find at stores that cater to Asians and Latinos, has a more pronounced malted flavor as well.

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              Ovaltine is much sweeter than Horlick's. It's a greatly inferior substitute.

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                "NOTHING! Thank you! I'm a little - tired! " :)

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                  If you live where there are Cost Plus World Market stores, I saw Horlick's there just the other day.

                2. Both Horlicks and Ovaltine are deep British food icons. Somewhat different in taste (and I detest both) but one would usually substitute for the other in a recipe. But, if you want my opinion, don't waste your time on doing the recipe, it will be as deeply unpleasant as it is deep as an icon.

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                  1. For good hot chocolate I recommend Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate. It's not sold off the shelf in the United States but if you google it you can order it from jobbers that stock UK products and sell retail from a US warehouse. Cadbury's is good just plain, made with milk, but with a shot of Myer's Rum it is celestial on a cold night.