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Dec 11, 2012 03:42 PM

Anything Chowish Between Thibodaux & New Orleans?

On a Saturday morning we are going to the Cajun Music Jam Session in the Jean Lafitte Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center & Park, in Thibodaux, LA. We will be getting back to New Orleans around 2-2:230. I wanted to know if there is anything especially Choworthy for lunch in this area southwest of the city. It should not be too far off routes 310, 90, and 1.

Ideally I would like to find something good and distinctive, probably cajun rather than creole.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

I realize that there is a non-NOLA board, but to the limited extent it addresses Louisiana, it seems to focus on areas much further away. My inquiry encompasses the western suburbs of NOLA as well as points further distant.

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  1. Spahr's Hwy 90 w Des allemands--wild caught cat fish well done!!! Plus other stuff......


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    1. re: gumbopop

      Spahr's also has a location in downtown Thibodaux, not too far from the Jean Lafitte national park site. It has the same menu as the D.A. location and the same wild-caught catfish. My standard order is a child's plate of catfish chips (the small belly strips), with onion sticks substituted for fries. The kiddie plate is PLENTY enough catfish for me, and the grownup version is big enough to share. (Siri can autodial Spahr's for me, LOL) The gumbo is pretty solid, and if you're into fried things w/sauce, the appetizer crab cakes w/crawfish cream sauce are pretty tasty as well. Reliably good fried softshell crab. Menu here:

      Other options in Thibodaux include Fremin's, in an old commercial building near the courthouse downtown, and its sister restaurant Flanagan's.

      On LA 308 just south of Thibodaux (aka "down the bayou), you can visit Laurel Valley plantation store, a hodgepodge of old stuff, including tools, wooden boats, some crafts for purchase, and friendly volunteer guides. On the Nicholls State U campus, if you visit the Ellender library, you can see a collection of various styles of wooden pirogues on display.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        I checked out the websites for Thibodaux. Fremin's does not offer lunch at Saturday. So the only option seems to be Spahr's.

        I am a bit surprised that there seems to be nothing worth trying in the area immediately to the west of NO. Is that a resto waste land?

        1. re: VivreManger

          Remember this is an area of good cooks who don't have to go out. And the area has little industry and is pretty rural. So the money is not there for a lot of dining. There are several restaurants in and around Des Allmands that seem to open and close every 6-12 months.

          Spahrs has a name and consistant quality and becomes a lunch/dinner stop for a lot of oil field related business people (AKA expense accounts and travel food allowances).

          After Spahrs you need to go into Houma for a few decent Cajun places, then on to Thibodeaux or Morgan City.

          1. re: VivreManger

            Um, it's not a wasteland, it's just rural. Depending on how far off the direct route you'd like to stray, there are certainly worthwhile food detours, but it's not a densely settled area. Saturday lunch isn't a prime dining out time; many little cafes are lunch only, M-F. And home cooking still rules, thank g*d.

            Try the St. Rose Tavern for an old roadhouse feel and a tasty debris-style roast beef poboy....upriver a few miles from the Luling Bridge/I-310 on River Road. you'll get a windshield tour of the industries that cluster along the MS river.

            Bubba II's poboys & seafood in Thibodaux draws a crowd, but I'm lukewarm on it. West Main Pizza on St. Mary St. in Thib is a local with a couple of locations...seafood pizza is one of those only in LA dishes you might find interesting.

            If multi-starch, country style plate lunches are your thing, then the Half Shell, 106 St. Mary, might fit the bill. Simple seafood stews, gumbo, and inexpensive, starch-heavy cooking. Not gourmet by a long stretch.

            Hell, sometimes the Rouses Supermarket hot lunch line is well worth the inexpensive price. Fried shrimp, white beans n rice, jambalaya, etc. 204 N Canal Blvd.

      2. mittendorfs just north of la place-----worth a detour