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Dec 11, 2012 03:28 PM

Malt powder (diastic vs non-diastic) in baking

Does anyone know the practical difference between diastic vs non-diastic malt powder in baking? Additionally, if I wanted to make a malted milkshake, could I use either of these for that?

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  1. diastatic has active enzymes. non-diastatic does not. I have not compared them back to back, but understand diastatic to have an effect on the dough during the proof stage AND the baking vs. non-diastatic which does not alter (increase) rise or speed of rise.
    Malt powder sold for use in milshakes has additional ingredients in it besides the malted barley extract. The label on the jar I have lists wheat flour, dry milk, lecithin, and bicarbonate. Which is not to say you couldn't use either of the former, or malt syrup for that matter, to flavor a milshake. I haven't tried it.