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Dec 11, 2012 03:27 PM

Westvleteren XII US Release

I've heard some folks have gotten this ahead of the supposed 12/12 release. I called my local retailer and they said they don't know when they are getting it. Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Haven't tried it, and probably will only do so if someone gifts me with a bottle.

    The readily available (and excellent) St. Bernardus ABT 12 is by most accounts _virtually the same brew, at a far more reasonable price_...without the mystique and without the hype.

    1. I'm in thru my son via The Davis Beer Shoppe. They only received 40.

      Total Wine is receiving the most. They weren't accepting reservations. It's first come first served.

      I was able to find a site that listed all of the retail locations by state. I'm sorry that I can't link to it but, I'm at work and any alchohol related sites are blocked.

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        1. re: donovt

          Yes, while I can't open it, I remember the URL.

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            I'm in Rhode Island today, so won't be able to get any. I've never had it before and was hoping to give it a try.

      1. Hundreds of packs were available during the summer in MA as an offer to those who attended The Festival in Worcester which was organized by the importer of the Westy packs.

        I have also read that some packs were available in GA last week due to some fear that the state of GA was threatening its sale - check for details.

        So far the reviews are mixed - some saying its just as good as they remember it and some saying its not even close.

        I would buy a brick if I there are any leftover after today and I don't have to jump through hoops or stand in line for it. If not, no big deal as there are plenty of other good beers to choose from.

        1. I'm picking up my six pack today at 5 at DeCicco's Market in Brewster, NY. They gave out 200 tickets at 2. We were told to come back at 5 for the beer itself. Buying it for my son for Christmas. Huge number of beer aficionados there. One guy came up from Pennsylvania and was there since 8 waiting for a ticket. I'll post more later.

          1. My "golden" ticket set against DeCicco's beer menu...
          2. Great bartenders at DeCicco's

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          1. re: TrishUntrapped

            Wow, 200 is a big #. Davis Beer Shoppe in Davis, CA had 40, Total Wine in Lake Forrest, CA had 72 and Bruery Provisions in Orange, CA had 56.

            1. re: JAB

              Yes, 200 is a lot. This DeCicco's Market is unique and quite special. I'll post more later.

              But for now, here is a picture of the Holy Grail — 6 beers, two glasses. I'm expecting my son will pop one open on Christmas and let us all taste it. So now I'm wondering, what temp should it be serve? Refrigerator cold, room temp...?

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                Cellar temperature, otherwise you will mask the flavor. Also, to get your curiosity out of the way, drink a bottle now. I have had the beer a few times and I don't particularly care for it fresh - way too sweet and boozy. It is with a few years of age that it is best. I had a taste of the 1999 last weekend that, with 13 years of age on it, tasted superbly.

                1. re: brentk

                  While I am a massive foodie, I am not a beer guy.

                  However I did manage to get a 6-pack today in Toronto for my beer-crazy friend!

                  It's been INCREDIBLY tough to snag any since yesterday’s release. Toronto was allotted in the neighbourhood of 1000 cases or so I believe, and they’ve all been arriving at the different locations at different times with little info on when deliveries were expected and when they’d be ready for sale. I arrived at a location that was reported to have 50 six-packs in stock. They actually had 56! I was number 34 when I lined up at 7 a.m. Many walked away empty-handed sadly.

                  Ironically, my beer-loving friend also managed to snag one six-pack at another location. So now he has 2 six-packs!

                  He said it’s like winning the lottery. Twice. On the same day.

          2. I still have most of a six pack I got from an online purchase over a year ago so thankfully I wont need to kill myself to try to get the new release. That being said I think its an excellent beer. Would I wait in line all night and pay $85 for it? No way. Would I do that for any beer? Maybe 8 or 9 years ago. Probably not now. But I hate the little elite backlash we are seeing now in conjunction with this release. Andy Crouch even felt the need to write an article saying it wasnt even a very good beer at all: Come on Andy... Its a fantastic beer that happens to be caught up in a supply and demand hype that makes it not worth pursuing IN MY OPINION. But its an excellent beer. My worry is that a lot of folks will go through such extremes (and expense) to get these that they will set themselves up for disappointment no matter how good the beer is...