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Dec 11, 2012 03:23 PM

San Bruno or Millbrae for dinner tonight - your favorite please!

So many great choices! Maybe not Cantonese, Italian, Mexican, or Brazilian since I know those or am not in the mood). Kuya's, South Sea etc, Innya Lake, Patio, the Egyptian place on San Mateo Ave, Korean (not Tofu House), any Turkish, Syrian or Persian? Love to hear some suggestions.
I will give feedback!


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  1. OK, I've decided. Little Yangon. Yes, I know it's not in SB or Millbrae.

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    1. re: Tabetai yo

      Good choice, geography aside.

      Next time you're considering San Bruno, I'd love to read an update on Sajj. It's Jordanian-owned with some Egyptian specialties, maybe the one you're referring to?

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Hi Melanie

        Yes, that's the place--I will try it & let you know. Little Yangon was SO on their game the other night, I am absolutely addicted to the chin baung jaw--I also got it to go and put it in an omelette the next day. We were the only ones in there (this is the second time that's happened) so I hope they are doing an OK business.

        1. re: Tabetai yo

          I've gone a dozen times for lunch and every other table has been empty every time. I honestly don't understand how they manage to stay in business.