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Dec 11, 2012 03:00 PM

Best Place to Order Latkes and Donuts-Manhattan

I need to order latkes and donuts for 80-100 people in Manhattan and would like to keep it under $200 or so. Any ideas in Manhattan or places outside that deliver? Also, are there any kosher bakeries whose sufganiyot can compete in taste and variety (i.e. more than jelly) with Dunkin Donuts? Chanukah sameach.

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  1. In my experience, sufganiyot are generally of one or, arguably two, types: jelly is the standard, though custard is somewhat popular as well. I'm not sure you'll find much more variety than that.

    1. The only place I know of which makes them both from scratch is Grill212 on 80th, everywhere else brings donuts from Brooklyn or Queens or elsewhere. Some stores make their own latkes. basically most bakeries don't want the small of a deep fry ruining their business. the comparison to DD is also absurd, DD uses a cheap mix but is very strict about selling them when they are less than 3 hours old! None of the kosher places in Manhattan sell them hot from the oil

      1. you could do this in budget through fairway, for sure in paramus or queens or westbury, though i have no clue about prices in manhattan

        paramus queens and westbury have latkes on sale 2/1- i cant comment on the taste bc i didnt have those, AND sufganiyot for .75 or 7.99 for a bakers dozen, i didnt love the sufganiyot- but everyone else at the party loved them- as can be evidenced by the fact that for the first time at a family chanuka party there was not a single sufganiya left, and my taste in that kind of thing is weird, so im not the one to go on

        if manhattan doesnt have those shelf prices, id get in touch with the catering dept and see if they could meet them bc its a pretty easy catering order

        1. Prime Butcher Baker is selling donuts and latkes - don't know what the prices would be like for 80-100 pple. and their sufganiyot are more like the powdered version you'd find on Avenue J than in DD, but it just might work for your part-ay