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Dec 11, 2012 01:33 PM

USDA Prime in West Orange County

I'm looking for some good USDA Prime in West Orange County (centered around Buena Park). I know Costco carries it, and the nearest one to me is over in Cypress, but I'm not a member (though my parents might still be, and I know the in-laws are).

The place I'm most interested in hearing about is Ralph's. Their website states they carry Prime, Choice, and Select, but I haven't asked the butcher at my local store. Just wondering what everyone else's findings are. Anyone know of a specific Ralph's location that carries Prime?

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  1. Go to Brees' Meats on Chapman and Valley View. You seriously can't go wrong with a butcher that has been in business in the same location for almost 40 years.

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      I've actually been to Brees' Meats before, since it's pretty much down the road from me. I wasn't looking for Prime at the time (they dressed a massive brisket for me a few years ago), so I didn't think to look. I'll definitely check them out again.

      1. re: Coribdx

        I wasn't aware Ralph's had a fancy version around. The closest one to me is in Long Beach, which isn't too far, so it might be worth the trip.

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          Brea's actually not that inconvenient a location. The 57 and Imperial is right around where my guitar guy is located and I need to drop some work off for him, so I'll have to check the Meat House out.

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            I replied to each of you separately, but for some reason, all 3 were placed under Coribdx.

        2. Look for a Ralph's Fresh Fare location. They're a higher end version.

          1. There's "The Meat House" in Brea, off the 57 and Imperial Hwy


              in La Habra