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Dec 11, 2012 01:24 PM

Aquitaine $120 for $100

Aquitaine is offering a $20 coupon when you purchase a $100 gift card(can be for yourself of course) Offer avail through 12/31/12 and card/coupon can be used beginning 1/1/13.

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  1. I've had some very competent, straightforward for what they are meals here, and really enjoy the atmosphere. I also lived 1.5 blocks away for 2 years, and every day walked past the Sysco truck parked outside on Montgomery. It's a fine place and the valet parking is presumably a bonus for you, but there are plenty of other places to trumpet in the South End (some owned by the same group -- Metropolis in particular, and Union if they would just bring back the Reuben).
    Rereading I guess my point is: try Coppa or Franklin and see if you still recommend Acquitaine. It has a nice twinkle and the food is tasty, but it's off a Sysco truck from what I can tell.

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    1. re: ebaba

      aquitaine is the best of the group imo. franklin never impressed me; coppa's menu the same. All the more for you !

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        You didn't enjoy your meals at Franklin and Coppa or don't like the look of the menu? There is a huge difference.

      2. re: ebaba

        Although it may be true that Sysco is a supplier, Acquitaine doesn't strike me as anything like the typical Sysco experience, and being from the Cape, I know Sysco!

        1. re: ebaba

          sysco also sells mops and soap and plastic wrap, ya know? i can't speak to how much of aquitaine's food is from scratch, but sysco sells EVERYTHING.

          that being said, i find aquitaine to be meh as far as boston "french" goes.

        2. I find 20% hardly worth it when there are far better places in the 'hood.