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Dec 11, 2012 01:13 PM

Krug and wife's birthday

This saturday, my wife and I will be opening our precious bottle of Krug Special Cuvee to celebrate her Birthday....

It may be another few years before we get another chance at drinking something of this caliber, so I really want to get the most out of it...don't want to waste a drop or miss a fleeting aroma...

So I come to the board for advice about all the little details which might accentuate our enjoyment: serving temperature ( thinking 8 to 10 celcius and then letting it rise a little during the evening?), glasses (decent sized white wine glasses?), first glass by itself before we play with any food,....anything else.....?

According to her wishes, I'll be getting takeaway Sushi from a reputable restaurant: Any specific Japanese dishes which match well? Or else might clash?
Can you also suggest something other which I can prepare discretely & then wow her with? Something original & romantic?

thanks for all your help....


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  1. mmmmm my favorite Champagne, as well, and my birthday's tomorrow. I'd serve seared scallops with mushrooms and a little pasta. If it's food you love, it can be very romantic.

    I agree. White wine glasses, or wide tulip Champagnes (that's what they use at Krug, btw).

    1. Obviously your conventional sushi items like salmon or tuna will work well. Also, ikura (salmon eggs), uni (sea urchin roe) and ankimo (monkfish liver) would be great as long as you aren't grossed out by them. Something like unagi would probably be too sweet. Most folks tend to use flutes for champagne

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        I don't like flutes. Better than those old wide-bowl, ratpack thingies, but nowhere near as good as a proper white wine glass.

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          I've come to prefer tulips, or "regular" white wine glasses to flutes . . . but NEVER coupes.

        2. I like nigiri with champagne. Tempura might be good but I have never tired it. You will have report back what dishes worked well with it.

          1. Something fried. Tempura, so long as it stays crispy after take-out.