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Dec 11, 2012 12:39 PM

Lunch Spots: Between London and York, and York and Edinburgh

We're taking a little road trip on Dec 30 from London to York, and on Dec 31 driving from York to Edinburgh. Anyone have suggestions on unique spots for lunch for either of the trip segments? Nothing very expensive, but great food is a must. I'm reading thru the chowhound boards for actual suggestions in York and Edinburgh for dinner.

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    1. Might be helpful if you could indicate roughly where you expect to be around the lunchtimes.

      1. We often drive a similar way up to Lincs to see my boyfriend's family, and I always want to stop at the winners of the year's fish and chip awards which often tends to be East-Midlands ish. Unfortunately for me, he doesn't like fish and chips and is also the one who does the driving so I have never actually done it. Anyway, here is the link for this year:

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          Except for this year, gem. When the award went to the very superb Seniors from near Blackpool ;-0

          1. re: Harters

            Gah! Well I'm sure there's a very respectable runner-up in the area!

        2. If you take the A1 route, you could try the Olive Branch in Clipsham, which is a mile or two off the main road nearly half way between London and York.

          Lovely pub and great food - it's got a Michelin Star (I think it's still got one), but it's very relaxed and homely atmosphere.

          They have a sister pub, the Red Lion, a little further north. Decent food, but not as good as the Olive Branch.