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Dec 11, 2012 12:23 PM

Stag party input

About eight thirty-somethings converging on New Orleans for a stag/bachelor weekend. Doing at least one nice dinner. We were all last in NoLa for my brother's bach party, and hit Commander's Palace, to great fanfare. I'd like not to repeat. I hear Galatoire's can accommodate a slightly rowdy bunch, but this list seems to lean that it may be past its prime in its fifteenth decade. I, however, have read up on Brigtsen's and am intrigued.

We dug the lunch vibe at Delchaise when last we were there. I'd like to also hit Cochon. We're more of a Frenchman's Street crowd than Bourbon Street at this point in our dotage. Cure and some of the other cocktail bars plan to be in the rotation.

So what insight, alternatives, and such do you wise folk have?

And any cool accommodations any of you would recommend? We rented out the Dive Inn last time and it was a riot. We'll be there in February, two weeks after Mardi Gras concludes. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You were right to think of Galatoire''d be perfect. Brigtsen's for a bachelor party? Not so much. Emeril's would be another good option.

    1. Hah, the Dive Inn, a hidden gem. Did you make it to Pascal’s Manale for the BBQ shrimp? Emeril’s, K-Paul’s, Galatoire’s, and several of John Besh’s places (Domenica, Borgne, Luke) would all make good places for a loud group of guys. Consider Cochon Butcher for one of your lunches.

      1. The original comment has been removed