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Dec 11, 2012 12:01 PM

Is Rise in Southpoint worth the wait?

New donut/biscuit shop next to Petco in Southpoint/Durham. I've made a few passes but mostly the line is out the door and/or it's way too claustrophobic in there to even attempt. Is there a good time to try?

I think it's a sign of how starved this area is for non-chain options, but they seem to be getting slammed.

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  1. I have been on two occasions, and both times there have been a wait, however, they seem to really be trying to re-evaluate their systems to speed things up. You just have to go knowing that it is not fast food, and things are prepared to order so may take a little longer. I took a couple of biscuits to work, along with some assorted donuts, and all were met with rave reviews.

    1. We went on Saturday morning to get some donuts and biscuits to bring to a meeting. We got there at about 8:15 and had to wait about 30 minutes - luckily we had built wait time into our plan. During the time we were there the line got significantly shorter for a while and then got longer again.

      1. Short answer, no. We went there 15 minutes before the closing time last weekend, and there was no wait. We got 4 donuts to go. I love donuts and I will always prefer non-chain over chain options. I enjoyed their donuts and plan to return for their donuts as well as non-donuts. Here's my take:

        I'm into head-to-head comparisons, so we got what I thought are the similar doughnuts that we'd find at DD(boston creme equiv and chocolate frosted) or KK(glazed and some filling).

        It's very easy to tell the difference between Rise's doughnuts and DD/KK donuts. I'm completely comfortable saying that. I'm willing to accept that Rise's offerings are superior based on the difference between those donuts. What I'm also thinking is that I wouldn't wait in line as long as is being reported here or elsewhere, or drive longer to get to Rise(there's a DD closer to me on Erwin Rd). That's no knock on them and has more to do with donuts being a small deal in our foodie life(compared to an excellent meal somewhere 30 mins away, for example).

        1. i have been on weekday mornings, once at 8, another time at 10, and they were not busy. less than 2 minutes to order, another 2-3 minutes to get my food (biscuits + donuts)

          you may want to try a monday. also, if things could change once january and its new year's resolutions roll around! :)

          1. I would wait up to 15 minutes for their chicken biscuit again. I wasn't blown away by the chocolate glazed doughnut I had but I'm eager to try their other choices. The honey apple fritter looks good.