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Dec 11, 2012 11:57 AM

Good new places for lunch on Valencia [San Francisco]

I'm looking for suggestions for new interesting places open at lunch time on Valencia or closeby (ie opened within last year). Seems like a lot of new places are only open in evening - Maverick, State Bird, Abbott's Cellar

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  1. St. Vincent is open for one pot lunches, Tuesday-Friday

    Tacolicious is newish. So is Mission Cheese.

    1. Bar Tartine's lunch counter and Gajalee are relatively new.

      BTW, State Bird is not in the Mission.

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      1. re: hyperbowler

        sfrom the web site ounds like Bar tartine is just a take -out sandwich option on Thur . Do you know if there is anywhere to sit
        I'm familiar with the bakery, would it be similar set-up or nicer
        Gajalee sounds great alas will have to be for another time since my companion wont go for Indian

        1. re: sonomajom

          Unless they have changed things in the last month, Bar Tartine has full table service and menues available for their lunch. Although it says 11-3. I believe it ends at 2:30.

          1. re: sonomajom

            Not a takeout sandwich shop at all. You do order at the counter, but the food is brought to you at the table. Generally there are plenty of non-sandwich options as well, along with wine and beer.

            1. re: absc

              great - thanks for the clarifications

        2. There was just a thread on this less than 2 weeks ago:

          1. Actually ended up at Mue - vietnamese restaurant just up street from Bar Tartine. The smells wafting out the door were delicious. I'm not sure how long it's open but dont think it was there 6mths ago when I was last in hte area
            had Hue rolls, lemongrass beef. Both were very good esp the rolls - full of fresh flavorful herbs. Prices were reasonable and helpings large. Would definitely return Only negative was vietnamese lime drink had way too much sugar