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Dim Sum on MOnday

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Looking for recommendations to take a group of seniors for a dim sum lunch next Monday. One of them is turning 90 so it's a bit of an occasion though we're not looking to go all out ie. lai wah heen. Prefer a place between Yonge and Vic Park, north of the 401, with good service. Is dimsum possible on a Monday or is that strictly a weekend affair? Would love to hear your input.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Spring Villa on Woodbine just north of Steeles should meet your criteria!

    1. The best place that meets your criteria would be Yang's up in Richmond Hill:
      Closer, not as fancy or expensive, but still very good is Legend off Yonge Street, just N. of Steeles:
      The Spring Villa rec is good.
      Nearby to Spring Villa is the Crown Prince in North York:
      My current favorite would be the Elegance just east of your boundry criteria off Warden Ave, North of Steeles:
      Some of these establishments have early bird pricing on week-days, but this means your group would have to go and order early (nominally before 11:00am, but this time might vary.)

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      1. re: T Long

        Hello T Long! Couple of questions for you!
        'Legend'! Now that's a name from way back!! How's the food these days?
        'Elegance' Is it in the same plaza as T&T?
        Just in case you reply tomorrow. Have yourself an interesting 12-12-12!!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          I don't get to Legend as much as I would like. They've renovated and enlarged the place a couple of years ago, but I've always found them quite consistent for both dinner and dim sum. I think they are family owned and operated as some of the wait staff are the same as many years ago.
          Elegance is a block North of T&T in another plaza. They are next door to the Peking duck place that also just opened a few months ago. They are operated by the Dragon Dynasty group of restaurants. Very elegant space, good service, very good food, and even value (with early bird pricing).

      2. I second Spring Villa. I took a client there for lunch a few weeks ago and found the service to be excellent. The food is good.