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Dec 11, 2012 11:22 AM

'Above & Beyond', 'NanHai #1', 'Guo Fu Lou' or 'Man Wah'

For a dinner venue with great food and great view/ambiance, which of the aforementioned four would you pick? ..and why?!

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  1. Charles - ate at NanHai last night which was good even though I was hosting 24 people. We had a pretty good banquet without too many of the expensive add on like abalone. The King Prawn with bang sauce was very fine, the pork belly and goose was great. The view I spectacular and well worth it. Man Wah really doesn't have a comparable view and is smaller more intimate, and I have yet to try Guo Fu Lou.

    1. Charles, I have yet to have a meal at Man Wah I really enjoyed. Never felt they deserved their macaron. Dying to try GFL and to a lesser extent NH1