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Dec 11, 2012 11:12 AM

new years eve-mexico city

again i ask-does anyone know and reccomend a fine ( mexican) restaurant open in mexico city new years eve. the closer to zona rosa the better.

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    1. Joeljo2, I requested information from several different Mexico City food resources, both public and private, and have been unable to come up with a list for you. As I posted before, IMHO your best bet is the Restaurante Diana at the Hotel St. Regis.

      I am out of the country until Dec. 17, but I would be happy to call the St. Regis to make reservations for you and your party. Let me know if you would like me to take care of that.

      1. cristina: thank you for your offer. i have "open table" reserved for new years eve at diana.---and i have reserved at monte cristo for lunch jan 2 on our way to the airport. i was a little surprised at the number of places i had hoped to eat at that were closed for the holiday period. ( many years ago we were in vienna for xmas, and i, thinking vienna was a religious city, moved us over to then communist budapest. budapest was closed tighter than a drum,--we actually couldnt get a meal- while vienna, i am told ,was swinging. so this year i chose mexico city for new years and found pujol and others closed up.) ah well--we will have a great time either way, and i suspect both diana and monte cisto will be fine.