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Dec 11, 2012 10:09 AM

cooking in a bag

has any one tried this? is there any plastic taste or aftertaste from bag?

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  1. What bag? What food? More info. please.

    1. its a cooking bag you use to put say ham,turkey etc.... in . I believe reyonalds makes them too

      1. You can also buy parchment bags for cooking
        "en papillote" - I think the company is Paper Chef

        1. What type of bag?

          I've cooked in roasting bags and had no problems with off-flavors.

          I often use brown paper bags to reheat crusty breads - spray a little water on the bag.

          I have not tried the new crock pot liners so I can't speak to that.

          1. Yes I've tried them and no there's no plastic/aftertaste from the bag.