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cooking in a bag

has any one tried this? is there any plastic taste or aftertaste from bag?

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  1. What bag? What food? More info. please.

    1. its a cooking bag you use to put say ham,turkey etc.... in . I believe reyonalds makes them too

      1. You can also buy parchment bags for cooking
        "en papillote" - I think the company is Paper Chef

        1. What type of bag?

          I've cooked in roasting bags and had no problems with off-flavors.

          I often use brown paper bags to reheat crusty breads - spray a little water on the bag.

          I have not tried the new crock pot liners so I can't speak to that.

          1. Yes I've tried them and no there's no plastic/aftertaste from the bag.

            1. I've done omelets (boil in a plastic bag) and it's actually kind of fun. I wouldn't do them for everyday cooking, but if you were going camping or you had a bunch of kids over, etc. it might be fun. Didn't notice any plastic taste to the omelet, but you do have to take care to not let the bag touch the hot pan during the cooking...


              1. I have tried cooking in those roasting bags and there is no plastic taste. Once I got a good, heavy roasting/braising pan, I stopped using them. I have no idea if they are among the plastic items being scruitinized as possible health hazards, though.

                However, I haven't used my crockpot again without those liners after I was told they existed -- my crockpot doesn't have a removable crock and cleaning was murder before the liners.

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                  I just spray my crock with a little nonstick spray and that seems to make clean-up a little easier...


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                    I've also never picked up a plastic taste, but I did stop using them once I started thinking about whether cooking in hot plastic might be a health hazard. I have never seen anything targeting these Reynolds bags as such, however. They're convenient, to be sure! I will probably end up using the ones I have left for brining rather than cooking, though.

                  2. I've used a cooking bag while cooking ham. Haven't noticed a plastic taste. I've used frozen veggies cooked in a bag. Haven't noticed anything. I amsure someone looking for a taste hard enough will find it, but there isn't.