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Dec 11, 2012 08:22 AM

New Uzbekistan restaurant in Port Washington

If you don't believe me check out the review of Kazan AuthenticCentral Asian Cuisine; 75 main St. It was reviewed in the NY Times Dec. 2 and it is worth it. Four of us went last week and ate almost everything reviewed. Our favorites were pelmeni (pan seared veal dumplings); beef noodle soup; salad Kazan; chicken on the bone kebab; and lambchops.

Service was friendlyif alittle scattered. The owner spends time talking to the customers. He said 2 waiters didn't show up.

Prices are reasonable . Food is really good. We'll be back

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  1. How does it compare to the Rego Park Uzbek places like Cheburachnaya?

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      I've never been to those restaurants. I do know the owners of Kazan own the King David restaurant in Forest hills. I've never ben ther either

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        I live in Forest Hills and have been to all the usual suspects several times, had pretty much all the red letter dishes.

        Based on my one meal at Kazan, two weekends ago, I think it's better. In particular, the beef kebabs are terrific. They're up there with a great many good steaks I've had, and less greasy. They were the highlight of a very good meal that consisted of about 8 or 9 items. The lula were also nicely done.

        Other pluses were the friendly and competent service (anyone who has frequented the Forest Hills/Rego Park joints will see this as an especially big plus) and the comparable, mostly inexpensive prices.

        The lamb chops, another fatty and juicy standout, were, at $27, far more expensive than the average menu item. Most everything else was pretty much what you'd pay at Salute, Cheburechnaya, etc.

        I hope they maintain their quality. I look forward to returning.


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          Is it kosher? (I'm not kosher myself, but forget about ordering decent wine, or even bringing in decent BYOB at a kosher place.)

      2. Was there last week on a Tuesday nite and it was packed.

        Ordered 3 appetizers…..Samsa (deelish), pelmeni (possibly overcooked, but good and tasty sauce and could have been hotter) and salad Kazan (tasty, different, but might have needed a bit more seasoning). I had the whole fish….that nite it was porgie. Piece of fish not particularly meaty but sauce on it was very good. Fries with it (chose that over rice) were great. My friend had a bone in chicken kebab that was very moist and plenty flavorful. Also a beef kabob which was ok. Decent glasses of Pinot Grigio @ $8 were nice. Prices certainly reasonable.

        Considering it was very busy, the service was excellent. I did subsequently hear from others that tho they enjoyed the food, the service when they were there was very slow.

        Will certainly give it another try.

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          The movie in Port is free on Tues. for Optimum subscribers. That's probably why it was so crowded. We went on a Thurs. and it was not overly crowded.

        2. We went last Saturday night with a group of 6. It is not kosher, even though King David is glatt kosher. We also enjoyed it very much. We shared various appetizers and kabobs, then had our own entrees. We are all wine collectors, so like to bring our own, and their corkage fee is $15, so another plus. Also, the napoleon for dessert is great. It was not crowded on a Saturday night.