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Dec 11, 2012 07:40 AM

I keep jumping to a poster's profile without intending to

Since the new design, I have (multiple times) found myself unintentionally at a poster's profile while just reading a discussion. It's as if I've clicked on their username, but I haven't. I have not yet been able to reproduce exactly what it is that causes this to happen, but it's something I *never* observed with the old design. I'm using Firefox on Windows 7 if it's relevant.

ETA: I figured it out. I guess it (sortof) makes sense. It happens when I am opening a closed comment on a thread. I am apparently clicking on the user name rather than the "comment fragment". That brings me to the user profile, rather than simply opening the comment. Is this the way it used to work? Before, didn't you simply click on the name to open it up? I understand the logic, but it seems like going to the user profile is *rarely* going to be what someone really wants to do in this situation.

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  1. Agreed. Took a couple of misclicks before I figured it out, too. Another "not intuitive" new feature!

    1. happened to me several times, and i agree: it sucks.

      1. Happening to me too.. in IE9. Very, very annoying.
        It seems to happen when I click on a closed post, then click off it onto the blank space on the left of the page.

        Mods... maybe it would be best to put the site back the way it was for a while until things can be hammered out. CH used to be my respite between tasks, now I find myself frustrated with the interface. Plus, anyone looking over my shoulder can see what I am reading.

        1. Yes, this is happening when I open a collapsed comment by clicking on the username. The comment will open. Then by merely hovering in the vicinity of the username, namely that the cursor is still over it from the first click, the screen jumps to the user profile without my even clicking a second time. I'm on Firefox on Mac OS.

          Please make this less sensitive as site navigation and readability are severely impacted. Or maybe this is a strategy to increase page views?

          1. Thanks DGresh for reporting this, and for the other replies.

            This is a bug that we are going to fix very soon....the expected behavior will be as follows:

            1) Go to a thread that has collapsed responses
            2) If you click anywhere on the collapsed response, it will expand (even if you click on the username) — so this should solve the problem that you are seeing.

            If you want to go to a user's profile, you'd need to click it from an expanded post.