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Dec 11, 2012 07:39 AM

Quintessential Asian Lunch around San Gabriel

Can anyone give me a good lunch suggestion?

Our plan is to driving from Canyon Country (Santa Clarita) to San Gabriel Area (to buy some asian groceries & amazing Banh Mi) then we'll be heading to Grand Canyon. A bit of a loop if I look at the map, but I know San Gabriel is where asian food is at (correct me if I am wrong?)

SO amazing asian lunch along that route would be ideal.

- Pho? Bò 7 món( "seven courses of beef")? Dim Sum? Chinese? Thai? Jap? - Anything asian really... but it's just gotta be delicious!
- Affordable & Casual ($50 or less meal for family of 4)
- We are chinese but my parents are from Vietnam. We live in Toronto.
- This is happen on Dec 26... so hopefully all the restaurants will be open

---- btw. are restaurants/ asian grocery stories opened on Dec 25?


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  1. I would do one of the following (in no particular order):

    - Dim Sum at Sea Harbour
    - Dumplings and XLB at Dean Sin World
    - Noodles at Shanxxi Gourmet

    Yes, all the stores -- restaurants and markets -- will be open on Christmas.

    Enjoy your trip.

    1. I know this won't match ur list exactly but here are my suggestions:

      Banh Mi - Banh Mi My Tho
      You can get it to go before u leave for the road trip

      7 Courses of beef - for me, either:
      Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa (which has a supermarket in the same plaza
      Vietnam Restaurant (which has good food if you happen to not want 7 courses of beef

      Agree with ipsedixit's recommendation of shaanxi gourmet, I'm not sure which noodle plate he is recommending but there are 2 I'd recommend:

      The chicken noodle plate (spicy) is large but easy to split if you have a few people

      The noodle w/ sesame paste is good and the portion is smaller

      Their lamb skewers aren't bad either!

      Lastly, you can split the pork or lamb buns to get a taste of that.

      Also, in the plaza, maybe 3 shops down, there is a place called "noodle boy" which, imo, serves wonton noodle soup that rivals place in hk. Though the place is simple and no frills, may not be the best for a family meal. Then again coming from toronto, maybe you guys have had enough cantonese food heh

      Not sure if you can fit this in, or whether it's part of your list, but if you want pho, you can try Pho Huynh, Pho Filet, or Saigon Eden

      btw I'd go online (or call) to check the opening days/hours of all the shops before heading there, mainly because although most of the shops will be opened during the holidays, their actual opening days and hours vary.

      I wish you had more time, as a chinese person whose parents also passed through vietnam, there's a lot of "us" here in socal, which also means there are a lot of restaurants opened by chinese-vietnamese. I'm not sure if there is much vietnamese food in toronto since I've never been there, but my parents have also passed through there so all I know is that they have a lot of cantonese people.

      1. Try Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa in Rosemead, which is close to San Gabriel. It has Central Vietnamese food instead of your usual Pho and Banh Mi. Your parents might get a kick out of that.

        Be aware that some restaurants have a minimum limit for credit card purchases.

        Almost all Asian restaurants and grocery stores should be open on Dec 25.